PAK'nSAVE: The place to shop

Posted on:
21 Oct 2011

Sarah Hardie of the Wairarapa Times-Age has reported that "PAK'nSAVE is the place to shop".

PAK'nSAVE Invercargill
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The newspaper's weekly report on supermarket pricing showed that for the first week of October, while some Wairarapa competitor prices had increased on a selected range of products totaling just over $100, Masteron PAK'nSAVE's prices had actually decreased by $2.12 to just $104.96.

In the same study, our Australian cousin's store had "a big hike of $7,88 to $116.23"!

This just goes to show what we all already know, that PAK'nSAVE really do support their policy of New Zealand's lowest food prices.