PAK'nSAVE: The place to shop

Posted on:
21 Oct 2011

Sarah Hardie of the Wairarapa Times-Age has reported that "PAK'nSAVE is the place to shop".

PAK'nSAVE Invercargill
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Our TV ad relating to our Consumber NZ award....

The newspaper's weekly report on supermarket pricing showed that for the first week of October, while some Wairarapa competitor prices had increased on a selected range of products totaling just over $100, Masteron PAK'nSAVE's prices had actually decreased by $2.12 to just $104.96.

In the same study, our Australian cousin's store had "a big hike of $7,88 to $116.23"!

This just goes to show what we all already know, that PAK'nSAVE really do support their policy of New Zealand's lowest food prices.