Supreme award for retailer excellence

Posted on:
29 Aug 2011

Kapiti PAK'nSAVE takes home the Supreme Award for Retailer Excellence 2011 and the large format store award.

Kapiti wins Supreme Award for Retailer Excellence 2011

It looks like the awards are coming in thick and fast right now! Recently two PAK'nSAVE checkout operators won first and second place in a regional 'checkers of the year' competition.

Now, we're proud to tell you that our Kapiti PAK'nSAVE store have won the Supreme Award for Retailer Excellence 2011 as well as the large format store award.

How supremely excellent is that!!

The award took into a consideration a number of key factors, including:

  • How the store is managed
  • How well the store looks after staff
  • How the store handles complaints

... as well as the store's strengths in customer service. A sneaky secret shopper was also sent to the store to make sure it measured up. 

In winning the award, the Kapiti PAK'nSAVE store has proven that it excels in the above attributes, and more. 

They say:

"We strive to be the best and continually work to improve our performance and exceed customer's expectations. We have shown innovation and initiative in our promotions and public relations, which has been extremely well received by our customers and work hard to train, value and retain good staff."

Go Kapiti!

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