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Saving ideas

Saving you money is so important at PAK'nSAVE that we've created some handy information to keep more money in your pocket. We've got budgeting ideas, money saving and shopping tips and heaps of other stuff.

Stickman's tip

Rain's just fancy talk for a shower.


Budgeting advice


House Brands - Budget

The Budget brand of products is exclusive to Foodstuffs' stores, and offers customers quality products at an affordable price.


Your tips

Thanks to Sherree D

Do either fortnightly or monthly shopping. This saves you time, petrol, and you buy less goodies because you shop less.


Mealtime inspirations

Easy Cheesy Burgers

Looking for inspirations in the kitchen on a budget?


You could save $165 on power

What's My Number?

Not only can you PAK'nSAVE, but you can Plug'nSave too.


House Brands - Pams

The delicious Pams range offers exceptional value for money.


Face to face budgeting advice

There is a free budgeting service in almost every community.


Stickman's tip

Save on hot water, bathe with your dishes.