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Need some inspiration from fellow shoppers? View the budgeting tips provided by PAK'nSAVE fans or leave your own by commenting below.

Thanks for sharing your budgeting tips!

"Divide your pay into two bank accounts" - Sheryl H

If you are paid fortnightly, divide your pay evenly into two bank accounts. One bank account is for the first week and the second account for the second weel. This way you wont be short on your "off" week.

"Seldom pay full price for any item" - Ann

Buy 4 - 6 of an item on special if it is a product you use and pretty soon you will find you seldom pay full price for any item once your pantry gets 'stocked'.

"Schedule some extra grocery shopping time" - Diane D

Schedule some extra grocery shopping time in PaknSave. As you wend your way through the aisles of well priced stock - keep your eyes open for random 'extra-special' (but not advertised) markdowns. (Especially the dairyfood cabinets which often have 'shortdated' - but still good items at ridiculously low prices!) Check after any holiday period, there are always great markdowns on seasonal items.

"Never take hungry kids shopping" - Bizzy Mom

Never take hungry kids shopping; always feed them before you take them. Take your child's favorite toy to keep him or her occupied. Sing songs or play counting games etc.

"Track your expenditure" - Angel

Track all your expenditure and income in a spreadsheet - all of it, every penny - you'll soon find out where you money actually goes - those coffees sure add up!

"4L trim for the price of 2L and you won't even taste the difference" - Hayley

If you like trim milk but dont like the price of normal milk, buy a 2L normal milk and pour half into another bottle and top up with water. You now have equivalent of 4L trim for the price of 2L normal, and you wont even taste the difference!

"Save time, petrol and buy less goodies" - Sherree D

Do either fortnightly or monthly shopping. This saves you time, petrol, and you buy less goodies because you shop less. Just imagine only shopping 12 or 24 times a YEAR instead of 52 times. 

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