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Feeding the family at Christmas is extra savey when you shop at PAK’nSAVE – just ask Kathrine Lynch from Busy Happy Kids. With Kathrine’s tips and some smart shopping for New Zealand’s lowest prices at PAK’nSAVE, you can serve up a traditional Christmas dinner for eight people, for just $160.

“If you’re smart about how you spend your Christmas food budget; get organised early; plan your menu and do as much preparation as you can in advance, you can entertain on Christmas Day and still have time to relax with friends and family” says Kathrine.

Dinner tips
  1. The roast vegetable medley can be turned into a salad; place on a bed of baby rocket and dress with balsamic and honey dressing.
  2. The chickens can be substituted with turkey if preferred.
  3. The pavlova can be sliced in half horizontally to create two smaller pavlovas and use two different toppings.
  4. For a cheaper alternative to honey (if you don’t already have some), substitute it with maple syrup or brown sugar in the carrot recipe.
  5. Use fruit that is in season for the fruit salad to help keep cost down.

See the shopping list below.

Christmas Dinner Shopping List:
  • Chicken Twin Pack $14.99
  • Petit Normand Butter (200g) $2.69
  • Value Honey (500g) $8.89
  • Oak Fruit Salad (410g tin) $1.29
  • Greggs Stuffing Mix Sage & Onion (200g) $4.19
  • Greggs Mixed Herbs (15g) $1.99
  • Cadbury Flake $0.98
  • Asparagus Bunch x3 $8.97
  • Parsnips x3 $2.58
  • Lemons x2 $1.35
  • Dried Apricots Diced (0.107kg) $2.72
  • Kumara x3 $5.57
  • Potatoes (1.495kg) $4.47
  • Carrots (1.030kg) $2.56
  • Apples (0.546kg) $1.91
  • Pumpkin Crown Cut $3.54
  • Onions Red x2 $1.37
  • Watermelon Cut $3.21
  • Pams Cream (300ml) $2.37
  • Pineapple $2.99
  • Strawberries (250g) x2 $5.98
  • Kiwifruit (0.420kg) $1.63
  • Pears (0.480kg) $1.68
  • Cowells Pavlova (360g) $14.25
  • Keri Orange Juice (1L) $2.49
  • Value French Vanilla Ice Cream $3.79
  • Chelsea Maple Syrup $3.49
  • Pams Wholegrain Mustard $2.45
  • Champagne Leg Ham $46.76

Total $161.15*

*Prices are reflective of shopping on 14/11/2017 at Mill Street PAK'nSAVE. Pricing may differ depending on store and date of shop.