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$100 Grocery Budget

The average 2-person household spends around $137.60 on food every week. See how you could eat well with $100 a week grocery budget. 

$100 grocery budget: Recipe Ideas & Shopping List

The average 2-person household spends around $137.60 on food every week, according to Stats NZ. Reckon you could go even lower?

Try our $100 Grocery Budget: Recipe ideas & shopping list, plus simple meal planning tips to get through the week.


How much food can I get for $100 a week?

You’ll probably be able to feed two adults for just $100 a week with a little bit of know-how.

The University of Otago estimates that a man and a woman would need to spend about $128.25 a week for a basic complete diet. That said, it’s always possible to make money go a bit farther with some clever cooking tips and shopping tricks.

Here are a few tips to make $100 last the week:

Buy a range of proteins

A $100 food budget gives you enough room to pick up a range of different proteins, including a whole chicken, sausages, mince and even steak.

The key is to know how much to buy, and aim to buy on special. One adult typically needs around 100-150 grams of cooked meat each day, according to the NZ Nutrition Foundation.
So, a 400 gram pack of steak is likely to last two people through two whole meals. You might find that there’s two steaks in the pack, so simply cook one per meal and slice them thinly to split across two plates.

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When you’re eating on such a tight grocery budget, your best bet is to plan your meals a week in advance and do plenty of meal prep.

Fresh salads in season

Through spring and summer, it’s a great idea to add fresh green salads to your shopping list.

There’s no need to make these fancy. Just pick up a bag of lettuce, some cherry tomatoes and a cucumber or two and that will be enough to last a few meals of the week.

Of course, when salad vegetables are out of season, they’re not ideal for the budget-conscious shopper. Instead, go for a whole or half cabbage and thinly slice it with your favourite seasonal veg for a coleslaw-style salad instead.

Broccoli can make a fantastic salad vegetable too. Peel the tough exterior from the stem, then chop the inner stem and florets into small pieces and enjoy the broccoli raw.

Example $100 budget weekly shopping list

Want to try budgeting just $100 for a week for food? Print out this shopping list and bring it with you the next time you do your weekly food shop. Or, use it as a guide to build your own list.

*All prices are indicative only, and may vary according to seasonality, sales and demand. Product, price and limits may vary between store.

Download the $100 budget shopping list.

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