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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Is PAK’nSAVE a New Zealand company?

    You bet, 100% Kiwi-owned, operated and proud of it. Find out about our history and humble beginnings here.

  • Q.Can I shop online with PAK'nSAVE?

    We are currently rolling out a Click & Collect online shopping service across our North Island stores. The service is now live at PAK'nSAVE Sylvia Park and it will be North Island wide by the middle of 2019. You will soon be able to shop online at your preferred store and pick up your groceries at a time which suits you from the lockers located at that store. Keep an eye on the PAK'nSAVE Online website to find out when you can start shopping online at your local PAK'nSAVE.

  • Q.Why do you use a stickman in your advertising?

    We use him not because he's handsome or tall, and not because he's related to any bigwigs in the company. We only use him because he's cheap!

  • Q.How can I own a PAK’nSAVE?

    Work hard, be good to your mother and you never know!

    Check out this page for career opportunities. 

  • Q.How can I get a job at PAK’nSAVE?

    It's a little known fact that not all our employees are sticks. If you're a stickperson, or even just a person, check out this page for career opportunities at your local PAK'nSAVE.

  • Q.How can I save on fuel?

    You can save on fuel with PAK'nSAVE by filling up your car at our on-site pumps, or by redeeming your FuelUp savings at participating Z and redeeming service stations across the country.

  • Q.How does PAK'nSAVE achieve the lowest food prices?

    At PAK'nSAVE our policy is to provide New Zealand's lowest overall food prices.

    Our stores are positioned to provide this cost-effective service, and this is reflected in the food warehouse format and a constant focus on keeping cost down so we can pass savings on to you. Plus check out these tips to save even more off your shop.

  • Q.Why does PAK'nSAVE charge for plastic bags?

    The main aim of charging is to care for our environment by drastically reducing plastic bag usage.

    Charging for plastic bags is part of the PAK'nSAVE policy to bring you the lowest grocery prices.

  • Q.Does PAK'nSAVE have a sponsorship program?

    As our PAK'nSAVE stores are locally owned and operated, there's a true commitment to supporting the communities in which we operate.

    All sponsorship and donation requests from community groups can to be made by writing directly to the operator of your local store here.

  • Q.Why does PAK'nSAVE have a limited range of products?

    To bring you the lowest food prices in NZ, we select only market leading products and buy in bulk at a lower price and pass on the saving to you.

    If we did stock every product available then our prices would be the same as our competitors and your average trolley spend would be more expensive. Plus check out these tips to save even more off your shop.

  • Q.How does the Christmas Club work?

    Think of it as your PAK'nSAVE piggy bank, allowing you to put away a little bit here and there to spread the cost of Chrissy over the year. Find out more...

  • Q.Does Stickman have a wife?

    No, but if you have any kind-hearted single friends, please send details and a photo.