Spike the Sprinkly Kiwi Cake

1. Bake the  Dolly Varden cake at least a day before you plan to decorate it.

Note: If you know your baking isn’t cooked through but it’s looking crusty on top, carefully place a sheet of tinfoil on top of the cake. This will stop it from getting any darker on top but will allow the cake to continue cooking until it’s fully done.

2. Make the ganache as follows and set it aside to firm up.

Place a medium-size stainless steel bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Add the chocolate and cream to the bowl, and stir continuously with a wooden spoon until the chocolate has just melted and is combined with the cream to a nice glossy finish. Remove the bowl from the heat and allow to cool.

Note: Ganache can be made in advance. Covered in the fridge, it will keep for up to 2 weeks. Before using, bring it back to room temperature then mix well. It should be the consistency of toothpaste – not runny, not solid and just a little sticky. If it is too hard to stir, warm it slightly by giving it short 10-second bursts in the microwave or, alternatively, in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. If it is too runny, leave it to cool in the fridge.

 3. Make the rice crispy head: In a large saucepan over a low-to-medium heat, melt 140 g Rice Bubbles and 140 g marshmallows stirring continuously. Initially, it will appear as if nothing is happening, then all of a sudden the marshmallows will melt. Quickly remove the saucepan from the heat and stir in Rice Bubbles. When the mixture is cool enough to handle, act fast, as you’ll only have a few minutes to work with the rice-crispy mixture before it cools and hardens. The mixture is incredibly sticky, so as soon as the mixture is cool enough to touch, spray cooking oil on your hands and press the mixture into a ball shape. Set this aside to cool and harden. (Don’t worry if it is not perfect; once the rice crispy has hardened, you can carve and shave a more precise shape with a serrated knife.)

4. To Make The Legs: Melt chocolate in a double boiler or microwave. Cut 1 chocolate straw into 3 equal pieces, then use the melted chocolate to stick these short pieces in a fan shape to the end of another full-length straw, as shown. Repeat to create a second leg. Put the legs on baking paper to set.

5. To Make The Wings: Trace the wing stencil onto paper and cut it out. Place the stencil on a pink wafer biscuit, and, using the point of a sharp knife, cut out the wing shape. Repeat for the second wing. Pour chocolate hail into a bowl. Cover the wings in melted chocolate and then press them into the bowl of chocolate hail until covered all over. Set the wings aside on baking paper to set.

6. Place the cake back in the tin and use a serrated knife to cut any uneven rising off the cake to level it. Turn the cake out and place it upright. Using a serrated knife, carve the bottom edge of the cake so it is rounded underneath to give the kiwi a fat tummy. Use ganache to stick the body to the cake board.

7. Stick one end of a skewer into the rice crispy head and place the head on the body, inserting the other end of the skewer into the middle of the cake.

8. Cover the entire cake with ganache. Place a bowl upside down in the middle of a shallow baking tray and place the cake on top. Have fun with this part because it gets messy! Take small handfuls of chocolate hail and press them into the sticky ganache with your fingers until the kiwi is completely covered. Let the baking tray catch any excess hail. Place the kiwi on a serving plate. Attach the wings to the side of the body using chocolate ganache.

9. To Make The Eyes: Cut the jelly bean in half and attach the sticky side of each half to each of the white chocolate buttons. Stick the eyes to the kiwi’s head with ganache.

10. To Make The Beak: Put the second skewer inside the last chocolate straw and insert it into the kiwi’s face.

11. To Make The Mohawk: Separate the layers of the giant allsort and cut a comb shape out of 1 of the black liquorice squares. Stick the mohawk to the top of the kiwi’s head with a little ganache.

12. Carefully press the long chocolate straws of each leg into the base of the cake. Arrange spearmint leaves around the base of the cake.

The Great New Zealand Birthday Cake Book


For milk chocolate ganache:

400 g milk chocolate pieces or buttons

200 ml Pams cream

For rice crispy:

140 g Rice Bubbles

140 g Pams marshmallows

To decorate cake

100 g milk chocolate

5 chocolate straws

2 pink ice cream wafers

300 g Pams chocolate hail

1 black jelly bean

2 large white chocolate buttons

1 giant liquorice allsort

1 packet giant spearmint leaves

cooking spray, for moulding rice crispy

1 round (15 cm) cake board

2 skewers


Spike the Sprinkly Kiwi – wing