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Bringing a plate

Not sure about what to take to your next gathering when asked to bring a plate? Here are some great homemade ideas that you can take along to your next party. 

The end of the year often brings many social gatherings, Christmas events, dinner parties, and it is always nice to bring a plate of food or nibbles to share. At this time of year, it can be very stressful catering for large groups, so you can ask your host if they'd like you to bring anything? This way it isn't expensive or overwhelming for anyone. 

Getting creative in the kitchen is lovely (when you have the time). If you don't have time during the busy festive season then our catering option might be a godsend for you. Check out the catering options we have here. 

Or if you have a spare 15 minutes we recommend you try out our recipes below! Whether you are hosting or attending a bring a plate occasion, we've got you covered with easy to follow recipes. 


Are you entertaining on a budget?

Are you hosting a party? Feeding a crowd? Here are some of our favourite recipes made for sharing.