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How to make the perfect poached egg

We have teamed up with Claire Turnbull to bring you the top 6 tips on how to cook the perfect poached egg. 

Tip 1: Use fresh eggs

Check the date on the box to see how old the eggs are. If you are still unsure then just pop them into a bowl of water and if they sink it means they are fresh eggs and if it floats it means they're old. If you use old eggs you will not be able to get the perfect poached egg. 

Tip 2: Water temperature

It is important you have the water bubbling right, you don't want bubbles that are too big. 


Tip 3: Add vinegar

It is a good idea to add a splash of vinegar to the water because it helps the white set. 


Tip 4: Crack your egg into a different bowl

Crack your eggs in a smaller bowl first. This makes it much easier to place the eggs and avoid them going everywhere. 


Tip 5: Swirl the water

Swirl the water slightly with a spoon, this helps the white wrap around the yolk. 


Tip 6: Cooking time 

Cook the egg for around 3-4 minutes. This may vary depending on your element.