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Why shop at PAK'nSAVE?

Well... why wouldn't you?

With our policy of New Zealand’s lowest food prices, why shop anywhere else? But just in case you want some more reasons, there are millions. Well, dozens. Like special promotions happening all the time, freshest food that doesn’t cost the earth. And don't forget that we are proudly New Zealand owned and operated. So come have a look around, and find out why so many New Zealanders shop with us.

reasons to shop at Pak'nSave

The benefits of shopping with us

Why so fresh?

Because our food arrives fresh everyday at such an awesome price, it means it sells super quick. Which means we have to re-stock it more often making our produce as fresh as fresh can be.

Savings by the bulkload

We buy in bulk, so you save in bulk. It's simple really, the old bulk discount trick. All the bulk savings come directly from our suppliers and are passed directly on to you, in bulk. Bulktastic!

Forget about the extras

We don't waste money on fancy lighting, flashy floors or expensive shelving and flouncy interior decorator types. Call us crazy but we'd prefer to bring you the same groceries as those other places, but for far less cost.

Keeping it simple

We're simple folk here. Our shelving is high up to the ceiling, we have wide aisles, polished concrete floors, strip lighting and in some cases products still stacked in their supplier boxes! You'd be amazed at how much money this simple thinking saves.


We give our customers the chance to pack their own shopping. Ah yes, this was our first money saving idea. We liked it so much we named the supermarket after it. Which is good, because it's easy to say, and kind of says a lot about us.

Our spokesperson is a stick

We don't waste money on making fancy ads or using pricey actors that do Zumba. Which is why we use a simple chap as our spokesman who doesn't ask for much of an acting fee or whinge about working over time.

Quicker shopping, faster savings

We have lots and lots of checkouts that help reduce time spent queuing up, which no-one really enjoys if they're honest. And also, our wider aisles than usual, which help get you in and out faster. Check out our self checkout options as well.

We care about sustainability

We're focusing on energy efficiency and waste reduction, everywhere from our head office to our stores.