Dress made from PAK'nSAVE bags!

Posted on:
7 Nov 2011

Holly from Christchurch has made an incredible dress from crocheted PAK'nSAVE shopping bags!

PAK'nSAVE Dress for the Annual Meridian C.R.E.A.T.E Show
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Holly models the dress made using PAK'nSAVE shopping bags.

A Christchurch resident has created a stunning dress, made entirely from shopping bags! 

Holly from Christchurch created the dress by cutting each individual bag into a long strip of 'string' that she then crocheted together to make the dress. Holly says that PAK'nSAVE Moorhouse Avenue greatly contributed to the plastic bag supply.

The dress took just over a month to create and was made as an entry into an event held each year by Meridian Energy. 

Well known for encouraging the use of reusable energy, Meridian host the internal event specifically to encourage staff to produce items from recycled materials.

This year's themes were solar, wind and water - all forms of renewable energy.

As you can tell by the bright colour, sub-brolly and sunglasses, Holly chose the solar theme and decided to portray the sun through creating and wearing a yellow PAK'nSAVE dress.

I chose the solar theme and decided to go as the sun. So yellow PAK'nSAVE bags were the best material choice for me to use, Holly

Great work Holly!

Photos and information provided by Holly.