Budgeting advice

Budget budget budget! Setting a budget's so important we wrote it three times.

If you work out how much you want to spend every week and stick to it you can save a little fortune by the end of the year.

Good ways to make sure you stick to it are taking your budget in cash to the supermarket or counting up your costs on a calculator as you shop. Maybe use the calculator on your cell phone though.

Make a weekly meal plan

Spontaneity is for suckers. Plan your meals before you go shopping and then just buy what you need and you'll be sure to save. There are heaps of great meals you can make on the cheap too. Like spaghetti bolognaise, shepherds pie, lasagna. Plus some meals that aren't made of mince too.  View a whole bunch of deliciously thrifty dinners.

Bulk up a bit

Not you personally, you look great. Bulk buy. Sometimes buying staple food items like flour, sugar, rice and pasta works out to be much cheaper when you buy big.  Check out our tips on buying bulk - 10 ways to save on food.

Don't eat your groceries

Well not immediately. Make sure you eat before you go to the supermarket or you'll end up with a trolley full of what you feel like, not what you need. And while that's great for snacking on, there's only so much you can do with corn chips, biscuits, gherkins and wine gums for dinner.

Stretch your spaghetti

Not literally. Budgetally.
When you're cooking dinner, make a little extra for the next day's lunch. Say if Spaghetti Bolognese is on the menu one night, add an extra handful of pasta to the pot and put a little mince aside to be reheated the next day. And voila! Spaghetti bol-amaze. Find out more...

Give your leftovers a do-over

Give your leftovers a second chance by making them into a whole new meal for the next day. You can mix those extra veggies no one wanted with some pasta and sauce, bake them into a quiche or turn them into meat surprise casserole. There's no meat in it, that's the surprise.

Your tips

Do you have a great money-saving tip related to grocery shopping? Submit your tip and it may appear alongside tips from these other fine shoppers!

Eat then shop, don't shop then eat

Rebecca says:
On our shopping day we always eat before we shop (i.e. after a meal). This always helps us to not buy on impulse or because we are hungry at the time, or over-buying on products we didn't really need. PAK'nSAVE closes late so we have plenty of time to eat and then shop.