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Sarah's Shopping List

Groceries were selected by Sarah to reflect a typical weekly shop for her family. PAK’nSAVE was shopped first with the shop at Countdown commencing within an hour of completing the PAK’nSAVE shop. Pricing at your local PAK’nSAVE or Countdown may differ, pricing on another day may also differ. Onecard specials are included and equate to $1.60 in savings. Rounding excluded. Weighted products were purchased in as similar sizes as possible and then equalised to the exact weight purchased at PAK’nSAVE with the price adjusted accordingly. Equivalent products are noted above and were of same or better quality in Countdown as determined by Sarah and verified by Foodstuffs. Two products were excluded. Other offers valid at the time of shop: at PAK’nSAVE Sarah scanned her Sticky Club card and received a voucher for 10c per litre off fuel (up to a maximum of 100 litres of fuel). At Countdown Sarah earned a minimum of 32 Onecard rewards points and had the chance to enter a monthly prize draw to win a Countdown Gift Card (up to $500) by providing feedback. Sarah also received 12 Disney Words tiles as part of Countdown’s current Disney Words promotion.