Ozkleen Shower Power Citrus Fresh Bathroom Cleaner Squeeze Bottle 750ml

$1.39 per 100ml
10 45 ea

Removes the built up scum and grime that allows harmful bacteria and mould to survive. Revives your bathroom sparkle. Suitable for all your hard surfaces. No hard scrubbing needed. Safe for septic tanks & bio cycles. Shower power is a new generation, enviro-friendly all bathroom cleaner. Unlike other bathroom cleaners, shower power does not contain environmentally harmful chemicals, so it can be used on most surfaces. Shower power cleaner instantly dissolves soap scum, calcium build-up and water stains in the bathroom. Use it on all hard surfaces including taps, tiles, glass, toilets, stainless steel, showers or baths. Ozkleen believes cleaning should be quick, easy and effective. If there’s one must have for your bathroom, it’s shower power.