Schweppes Classic Soda Water 1.5l

Schweppes Classic Soda Water 1.5l




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In 1783, Jacob Schweppe captivated the world by harnessing the effervescence of the world's finest soft drink. Schweppes Classic Soda Water is a crisp, refreshing, sparkling soda water made with the perfect blend of mineral salts and pure natural water. Schweppes Classic Soda Water can be enjoyed on its own with a slice of lemon or as a mixer. Schweppes' range of sophisticated sparkling soft drinks are the perfect choice for enjoying either straight or as a mixer. Schweppes Soda Water is available in single serve and sharing size bottles as well as multipacks.

Carbonated Water, Sodium Bicarbonate

Serving/pack: 6 Serving size: 250ml

NutrientPer 100mlPer Serving
Fat - Total0g0g
Fat - Saturated0g0g
Sugar - Total0g0g

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