Mortein Kill & Protect Flea Bomb 2pk

$3.33 per 100g
9 99 ea

Kills fleas and flea eggs and protects for up to 9 months. Contains insecticide to kill adult fleas fast. Contains a unique insect growth regulator (igr) to kill the flea eggs and break the breeding cycle. The igr remains active 9 months to prevent re-infestation. Works indoors. No unpleasant residual odour. Room can be re-entered 2 hours after treatment. Does not stain furnishing. Active constituents: 10.0g/kg permethrin, 1.07g/kg fenoxycarb. 5 simple steps to effective flea control: 1. Close doors and windows. 2. Place can on newspaper in centre of room. 3. Push locking tab into place. 4. Leave room and close door for 2 hours. 5. Remove dead insects by vacuuming.