VO5 Extreme Style Rework Fibre Hair Putty 150ml

$5.90 per 100ml
8 85 ea

Rework putty for messy texture and all day reworkable hold. A unique fibre putting to create the most messed up styles and rework them all day long. Easy to use, just rub a small amount between your hands and work through hair from the roots, sculpt and shape with fingers for a more defined look. Vo5 offers a broad range of products for your hair's needs.

Vo5 - the confidence to create healthy, beautiful hair. Whatever your hair type or style, vo5 has a product that will fit your hair's needs. With a range of styling aids, shampoos, conditioners, and treatments that are customized to meet your hair's unique needs, vo5 gives you the confidence that your hair will look and feel great every day.

• Ideal to manipulate your hair in any direction
• Trusted performance, affordable every day
• No stickiness, greasiness or flaking
• Easy to work in and wash out