Wattie's Just Add Mince Simmer Sauce Cottage Pie 535g

$0.58 per 100g
3 09 ea

You don't need to forego a delicious dinner on busy days thanks to Wattie's® Just Add™ Cottage Pie Simmer Sauce. Simply add cooked mince and enjoy with mashed potatoes or bake into a hearty cottage pie.

Conveniently canned and ready to use, Wattie's® Just Add™ Cottage Pie Simmer Sauce is the perfect sauce for making a delicious cottage pie. It contains no artificial colours or preservatives, and is great for slow cookers. Providing 4 serves of veges per can, you can't go wrong with a meal made with Wattie's® Just Add™ Cottage Pie Simmer Sauce (One serve of vegetables equals 80g. Aim for a variety of vegetables each day.).

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