Fluffy Field Flowers Tumbler Dryer Sheets 40pk

$6.99 per 1ea
6 99 ea

Enjoy Fluffy Dryer Sheets in the fresh field flower scent with a long lasting fragrance for your towels and clothes.

Fluffy Dryer Sheets makes ironing easier and reduces static cling. It delicately scents your towels and clothes in the dryer, leaving your clothes feeling softer.

For best results, use a new sheet for each load. For large loads, use 2 dryer sheets.

Try adding Fluffy Dryer Sheets to:
- Drawers.
- Car Interiors.
- Linen Closets.
- Suitcases.
- Gym bags.
- Rubbish bins.

Pack size: 40 sheets. 16cm x 20cm

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