The Good Taste Co. Pumpkin & Kumara Hummus 200g

$1.45 per 100g
2 89 ea

The Good Taste Co® Pumpkin & Kumara Hummus is distinctively delicious, with a hint of cumin that's sure to delight your taste buds. A versatile and tasty addition to meals and snacks, you can use this not just as a dip but also in pasta sauces, dressings and on sandwiches.

Offering great taste from real good ingredients, The Good Taste Co® Pumpkin & Kumara Hummus makes an excellent pair to a wide range of dishes. Dip your veggie sticks, pita bread and chips in it, use as a salad dressing or serve with fish or falafel for a Middle Eastern-inspired meal. This tasty hummus is made with no artificial colours or flavours.