Active Lime & Baking Soda Dishwasher Cleaner 250ml

$1.60 per 100ml
3 99 ea

Active Dishwasher cleaner cleans the hard to reach places in your dishwasher. Manufactured in New Zealand from locally sourced ingredients and packaging by Quantum Pacific Ltd - Active Dishwasher cleaner is designed for all dishwasher types and wash cycles. When used as part of 'active's 3 step superior clean' Active Dishwasher Cleaner cleans your dishwashers filter, spray arms and drain - removering built up dirt and grease.

As with all the bottles in the Active range - the packaging is produced from 100% NZ kerbside recycled plastic.

Part 3 of the 'active 3 step superior clean' process:
1. Active dishwasher powder daily
2. Active rinse aid weekly
3. Active dishwasher cleaner monthly.

Use when the dishwasher is empty
Unscrew the cap from the bottle - revealling a wax plug
Place the bottle upside down in the bottom rack.
Run the dishwasher on a min 65°c.

Product of New Zealand