Herbal Essences Classic Moisture Balancing Normal Shampoo 490ml

$2.03 per 100ml
9 95 ea

- Infused with essences of Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Passion Flower
- Replenishes natural moisture and restores natural radiance
- Enhances silkiness and softness
- Leaves hair soft, luminous and light
- No added Silicone
- Infused Fragrances, Nature Inspired
Enter a world of botanical bliss and unleash the power of your naturally beautiful hair with Herbal Essences Classic Moisture-Balancing Shampoo for Normal Hair. Embracing you like a meadow of fresh flowers, this luxurious shampoo, blended with botanicals and derived from essences of coconut and palm oils, will take your hair to a place it's never been before. Deeply quenched, radiantly restored and naturally flowing.
Herbal Lore: It is said that the Egyptians valued Chamomile over all other herbs for its rejuvenating qualities. It was even used in love potions because it was thought to have relaxing properties.
Infused Fragrances, Nature Inspired