Shout Gel Heavy Duty Superior Stain Remover 250g

$21.40 per 1kg
5 35 ea

Heavy Duty Shout Gel Superior Stain Remover helps get out the toughest stains... even oil & grease!

New Heavy Duty Shout Gel has been specially formulated to help remove the toughest stains. It contains special stain fighting ingredients which give Shout gel additional power to quickly penetrate, break up, and help remove your toughest stains including collar and cuff grime, oil, grease, baby food, grass, dirt, blood and many other common household stains.

For extra penetration and control, use the built-in fabric-safe brush to work the concentrated formula deep into the fibres, Shout Gel is safe for all colourfast washables.

Some old or extraordinarily tough stains may need a second treatment.