Heinz Seriously Good Lite Aioli 295ml

$1.76 per 100ml
5 19 ea

Packed in a convenient squeeze bottle, Heinz® [SERIOUSLY] GOOD® Lite* Aioli is the quickest way to boost the flavour of all your favourite dishes. It's perfect as a dip for chips or onion rings and as a spread on burgers, wraps and sandwiches.

Heinz® [SERIOUSLY] GOOD® Lite* Aioli lets you enjoy a creamy, garlicky dip with no artificial colours or flavours. Packed in a squeeze bottle, you can easily drizzle it onto hot chips, burgers, sandwiches and vegetable pieces. Planning to fancy up mealtime a bit for a special occasion? You can also add a dollop of this dip on a platter of Spanish croquettes or crab cakes.

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