Continental Beef Stock Pot Superb Stock 4pk

$0.38 per 10g
4 29 ea

Continental Beef Stock Pot is a rich, concentrated, premium stock that tastes just like homemade stock, and is so versatile. It can be used as a flavour base for hearty soups and stews, or a flavour boost for casseroles, sauces, marinades, risottos and stir-frys. Carefully selected beef, herbs and spices are gently simmered into a flavoursome little pot which melts easily into hot water for a full flavoured stock, or can be added straight to your dish to boost its natural flavour.

Our Beef Stock Pot is made with real beef to add real rich flavour to your dish. And with no artificial colours, preservatives or added MSG, you can be sure you are cooking with a high quality stock.

One pot makes 2 cups of liquid stock.

3.0 health star rating

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