Lynx Urban Messy Look Flexible Paste 75ml

$13.32 per 100ml
9 99 ea

Make Lynx Messy Look Flexible Paste part of your morning routine to give your hair a tousled look. This paste creates hair that moves how you want while staying the way you put it. It also allows you to keep your hair’s natural style without weighing it down. It adds a polished look that says you wake up with amazing hair every day.

You can rework and reshape your hair while boosting its texture to achieve a just-got-out-of-bed look. Start with a fingertip amount of paste and mix it between your fingers. Next, work it through your hair until you get the look you want.

• Lynx Messy Look Flexible Paste has a medium hold and natural finish to give you the perfect combination of flexibility and staying power
• From effortless out of bed look to the impressive side slick
• Fingertip amount. Mix. Mess it up.
• Ideal for short to mid-length hair
• Will help craft any look
• Styling made easy