Heinz Little Kids Lamb Casserole 1-3 Years 200g

$1.50 per 100g
2 99 ea

Heinz® Little Kids® Lamb Casserole is ideal for lunch or dinner, and it helps introduce your child to different chunky textures too. Packed in a microwave ready bowl, this meal is ready to serve in under 60 seconds.

Steam cooked with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Heinz® Little Kids® Lamb Casserole also contains 1.5 serves of veggies (1 serve of vegetables equals 80g. Toddlers should aim for approx. 2.5 serves of a variety of colourful veggies every day). It provides iron, protein and a source of dietary fibre (as part of a healthy varied diet) and is low in salt. An exciting meal for your little one that's sure to taste good too.