Surf Front & Top Loader 5 In 1 Tropical Laundry Liquid 4l

$0.56 per 100ml
22 50 ea

Prepare To Be Swept Away In This Floral Paradise of Ylang Ylang And Tropical Lily. Each Dose Gives A Brilliant Clean And Has Delicious Fragrance.When it comes to fabulous fragrances, Surf rides high above the wave of other laundry brands. Our commitment is to surprise and excite your senses with scrumptious smells. So if you’re a fan of fabulous fragrances, you’ll love Surf!

•    Long-Lasting Freshness Wash After Wash.
•    Be transported to a fruity, tropical paradise with the delightful fragrance of Surf Tropical laundry liquid detergent    
•    Brilliant Clean, Even in Cold Water.
•    Say goodbye to dirt and stains.    
•    Effective in all washing temperatures
•    Suitable for all washing machine types - including front loader
•    Long-Lasting Laundry Freshness now in a 4L tub

We believe laundry is best freshened with natural, floral and fruity fragrances. Our individual fragrances are carefully selected and paired to create Surf’s signature fragrance blends.

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