Surf Herbals Laundry Powder 1kg

$0.40 per 100g
3 99 ea

Lose yourself in the freshness of 5 Herbal Extracts - lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, pine and mint. Surf helps removes bad odours, giving your laundry a brilliant clean, gorgeous scent and long lasting freshness.

When it comes to fabulous fragrances, Surf rides high above the wave of other laundry brands. Our individual fragrances are carefully selected and paired to create Surf’s signature fragrance blends. Each of our harmonious blends holds super cleaning powers that will permeate your laundry with long-lasting, fragrant freshness.

• Effective in all wash temperatures
• Fragrances of 5 Herbal Extracts
• Long lasting freshness
• Enjoy a brilliant clean
• Delightful fragrance

Dosing for best results: - Always follow the clothes care label - Use recommended dosage and wash stains right away - Not suitable for washing silk or wool - Always wash dark colours separately in cool wash - Don't soak non-colourfast items - Suitable for High Efficiency machines