Surf Front & Top Loader 5 In 1Tropical Laundry Powder 2kg

$0.40 per 100g
7 99 ea

Enrich your clothes, sheets and towels with the exotic floral fragrance of Ylang Ylang and Tropical Lily! Each dose of laundry detergent gives a brilliant clean and has a delightful fragrance - giving you freshness that lasts and lasts.

Our laundry liquids and washing powders are formulated so that they are effective in all wash temperatures and are suitable for both front and top loader washing machines. Our individual fragrances are carefully selected and paired to create Surf’s signature fragrance blends to help lighten the load and make laundry uplifting and enlightening.

• Fragrant, Clean Laundry Wash After Wash
• Effective in Top Loader and Front Loader
• Brilliant Clean in Cold Water
• Fuss-Free Laundry Liquid
• Long-Lasting Freshness

For Best Results: - Always follow the clothes care label - Use recommended dosage and wash stains right away - Always wash dark colours separately in a cool wash - Don’t soak non-colourfast items