Surf Front & Top Loader 5 In 1 Herbal Extracts Laundry Powder 3kg

$0.42 per 100g
12 49 ea

Lose yourself in the freshness of 5 Herbal Extracts - lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, pine and mint. Surf helps removes bad odours, giving your laundry a brilliant clean, gorgeous scent and long lasting freshness.When it comes to fabulous fragrances, Surf rides high above the wave of other laundry brands.

•    Enjoy a brilliant clean
•    Delightful fragrance
•    Fragrances of 5 Herbal Extracts
•    Long lasting freshness
•    Effective in all wash temperatures
•    Suitable for all machine types
We are committed to creating quality fragrances that allow you to lose yourself in moments of delight throughout your day, everyday. Surf’s scents will transport you away from household chores to a place of pure pleasure. Our unique fragrance blends will lift your spirits and elevate your laundry from pleasantly clean to fantastically fresh and fragrant.