Surf Front & Top Sensitive Laundry Liquid 2l

$0.55 per 100ml
10 99 ea

Some people are sensitive to fragrances and other ingredients in laundry detergents. The team at Surf didn’t want those people to miss out on using Surf, so they created Surf Sensitive.

Our Surf Sensitive washing powder and laundry liquid range was formulated to leave clothes kind to sensitive skin.

• Free of possible allergy triggers
• Suitable for all machine types
• Dermatologically tested
• Enjoy a fantastic clean
• Fragrance Free

For Best Results: - Always follow the clothes care label - Use recommended dosage and wash stains right away - Don't soak non-colourfast items - Consider adding an extra rinse to your machine cycle to ensure all traces of residue are washed away - Drying in direct sunlight can help kill dust mites, but if you have a pollen or other outdoor allergy consider drying indoors - Before first use wash new clothes, towels and sheets in Surf Sensitive to remove any remnants from the manufacturing process