Duck Limited Edition Raspberry Rainbow Toilet Fresh Discs 36ml

$3.99 per 1ea
3 99 ea

Now with new Odour Shield Technology!

Odour Shield technology doesn’t just mask smells, it actively works to neutralise them. It releases fragrance ingredients that remove funky odours and grime, while fragrance freshens your whole bathroom.

Fretting about traditional toilet cleaner cages that harbour germs? Fret no more.

Duck® Fresh Discs Fruit Twist have a gel-based formula that self-sticks to the toilet bowl so germy cages aren’t something to fret about. Fresh Discs prevent the build up of limescale and germharbouring stains.
Versatile Cleaning System; Gradually dissolves and releases a boost of freshness and fragrance in every flush! Leaving a protective shield around bowl to help repel stains
No Touch, No Mess Application! Just stick one to the inside rim of the toilet bowl so you can keep things clean with a fresh Marine scent. No touching or scrubbing required, just automatic freshening action with every flush. Pretty easy, huh?