Karicare 2 Baby Follow-On Formula Powder Sachets From 6-12 Months 4 x 30.4g

$1.40 per 1ea
5 59 ea

Karicare Follow-On Formula is a breast milk substitute, has been trusted for generations and can be used for mixed feeding. Nutritionally tailored for infants aged between 6 and 12 months, Karicare Follow-On Formula sachets are gentle nutrition caring for little tummies, are free from added preservatives and artificial flavours, and contain the key ingredients to support your baby. Our Karicare Sachets offer convenience for those times when you need to feed on the go.
- Made with the goodness of real New Zealand milk
- Suitable for mixed feeding
- Gentle nutrition
- No added preservatives
- No artificial flavours
- Grass fed as per NZ standard practices
- 4 single-serve sachets per box