Vanish Napisan OxiAction Gold Pro Stain Remover Powder 900g

$14.99 per 1kg
13 49 ea

Vanish Gold Multi Power Stain Remover Powder removes stains even in cold wash*, brightens colours and removes odours in soaking^. Vanish NapiSan OxiAdvance Powder contains Oxi Powerlift which helps remove most types of stains, even tough dried-in ones.

Works well on coffee stains, oil stains, red wine stains, tomato sauce stains, beetroot juice, tea stains and grease stains.

You choose how to use this versatile stain remover powder - in-wash, pre-treat or soak your fabrics. Removing stains from your everyday clothes is easier than you think - just add a scoop in every wash.

*cold wash setting at approximately 25°C

^on cotton.