Dove Restoring Coconut & Almond Oil Nourishing Body Wash 1l

$1.00 per 100ml
9 99 ea

Looking for tips on how to restore skin? We’ve got a moisturising body wash to help give you soft skin. To make a formula that’s even more nourishing, we’ve combined this star ingredient with skin-natural moisturisers, with the formula working deep into skin to help renew natural moisture levels. And as a sulfate-SLES-free Dove body wash, this formula is kind to your skin’s living protective layer.

Dove Body Wash Restoring Soap is a mild body wash, with microbiome gentle technology, combines gentle cleansers with skin natural nutrients to give you soft & smooth skin.

• Coconut & almond oil pampers & softens skin.
• Gentle formula that protects your microbiome (your skin's protective layer) and provides lasting care for your skin
• Plant-based formula with moisturising and naturally derived cleansers
• No sulfate SLES & no parabens
• Cruelty-Free and, Globally, Dove does not test on animals.