Tresemme Damage Protect Shampoo 850ml

$0.88 per 100ml
7 49 ea

Get 3X stronger hair with TRESemmé Damage Protect System. Formulated specially for brittle and weak hair to deliver anti-breakage benefit to restore your hair.

•    TRESemmé. Professional. At your fingertips.
•    TRESemmé Damage Protect Shampoo helps to restore brittle, weak hair - leaving it healthy looking and strong.
•    TRESemmé Damage Protect shampoo, made with Vitamin B12 and Rice Proteins delivers Anti-Breakage benefit.
•    TRESemmé Damage Protect shampoo is formulated to be light enough for daily use.
•    Enjoy smooth, healthy looking and strong hair - every hour of the day.
•    Use together with TRESemmé Damage Protect Conditioner for best result.