Lynx Ice Chill Iced Mint & Lemon Scent 72hr Antiperspirant 165ml

$4.36 per 100ml
7 19 ea

We've all been there, it's getting in late in the day. You've been putting in your usual 110 per cent. Crushing everything that's been thrown your way. Bossing it left, right and centre, but instead of a well earned reward your underarms have decided to punish you with sweat. Not cool Arm pits. Shame on you.

• 48hr sweat protection
• Long lasting freshness
• Lemon and frozen mint
• Spray on your underarms to feel the difference
• Forget about sweat, your style is non-negotiable

Thankfully there is an effortless solution. Lynx anti perspirant deodorant for men. A spray deodorant that stops sweat before it has a chance to happen. Unlike other mens spray deodorant, this deodorant spray keeps you dry for 48 hours. Some antiperspirant for men makes you smell nice...Lynx antiperspirant makes you smell incredible. Cancelling out odour. Banishing BO. Leaving you smelling of frozen mint and lemon perfume.