Lynx Africa Squeezed Mandarin & Cedarwood Scent 48hr Deodorant Bodyspray 165ml

$4.36 per 100ml
7 19 ea

LYNX Africa Aerosol Body Spray combines an exotic mix of warm African spices and aromas. This classic fragrance is designed to keep you cool no matter where the heat’s coming from. LYNX Africa has always been our most popular fragrance. Our body sprays are designed to give you confidence all day long. So you can forget about odour and focus on what really matters. And that’s you being, well, you.

• 48hr of freshness
• Long lasting freshness
• Men's deodorant with an exotic mix of warm African spices and aroma
• Stay smelling great for 48 hours
• Shake, twist and spray directly on underarms and body

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