Colgate Kids Minions Mild Mint Gel Toothpaste 6+ Years 90g

$2.99 per 100g
2 69 ea

Colgate Kids Minions Fluoride Mint Gel Toothpaste for 6+ years makes fighting cavities fun, with its sugar free formula for clinically proven cavity protection. Colgate's fluoride formula fights the food acids that cause cavities by strengthening tooth enamel, leaving children's teeth harder and more resistant to cavities. Bello! Do you need help to clean your teeth? Hey, what's with all that fuss! Just open wide, twice a day and please come brush us.
Makes fighting cavities fun:
- 6 Minions designs to collect
- Great mild mint flavour
- Clinically proven protection against cavities
- Suitable for 6+ years
- Vegan, Sugar free, Gluten free
- Responsibly Made (to learn more, visit