Rexona Men Advanced Protection Mandarin Fresh + Vetiver Scent 72Hr Antiperspirant 220ml

$2.72 per 100ml
5 99 ea

Rexona Advanced Protection Mandarin Fresh and Vetiver Scent 72 hour antiperspirant aerosol deodorant provides long-lasting protection against sweat and odour throughout the day. Some deodorants let you down as the day goes on, holding you back and stopping you from pushing yourself further, especially as your day “levels up”. But, our Rexona Advanced Protection deodorants release more fresh fragrance the more you move, so as the day goes on, you feel fresh and confident enough to move more.

We make it our business to know more about sweat, and what we learn informs every product innovation. We mainly sweat to cool our bodies down, a process called thermoregulation. Our brain sends a signal to over 3 million glands in our body to release sweat (a clear fluid made of water, salts and proteins). As this fluid evaporates from our skin, it lowers our body temperature.