Dove Nourishing Care Body Wash 500ml

5 51 ea

Looking for tips on how to restore skin? We’ve got a moisturising body wash to help give you soft skin. With microbiome gentle technology, our Nourishing Care Body Wash promises to deeply nourish your skin after one shower. With benefits of argan oil, dry skin is left feeling hydrated and it helps you get back soft, smooth skin.
You might have heard about the benefits of argan oil for body, but the moisture-locking magic is great if your skin’s prone to dryness. To make a formula that’s even more nourishing, we’ve combined this star ingredient with skin-natural moisturisers, with the formula working deep into skin to help renew natural moisture levels.

• Nourished and revives dry skin
• Moisturising body wash blended with argan oil for your skin
• Hydrating body wash for dry skin with added plant-based moisturiser
• 0% Sulfate SLES and Parabens
• Microbiome gentle body wash
• Bottle made with 70% recycled plastic

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