Streets Paddle Pop Rainbow Ice Cream 1l

$0.95 per 100ml
9 49 ea

SAY GOODBYE SERIOUS, HELLO JOY. Streets Rainbow Paddle Pops for the family to enjoy as dessert or just any time of the day. Made with wholesome dairy milk and contains no artificial colours. Pink, purple, and yellow swirls of caramel ice cream is perfect for friends and family and a real treat for the kids!

•    Your favourite Streets Ice Cream classics, now in a tub!    
•    This is the first time ever that Paddle Pop Rainbow is available in a tub!    
•    Pink, purple, and yellow swirls of caramel goodness invite you to enjoy a scoop (or two!).    
•    No artifical colours in this vibrant rainbow tub.    
•    Share with the family or take a trip down memory lane for a taste of nostalgia, there are now more ways to enjoy the iconic Streets Paddle Pop Rainbow!

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