Moccona Café Classics Strong Cappucino Coffee Sachets 10pk

$4.54 per 100g
5 99 ea

- Just add hot water to enjoy a delicious & indulgent Strong Cappuccino.
- Frothy, velvety and delightfully creamy it’s rich with a bold coffee flavour and a strong and dark colour. Chocolatey undertones complete the mix for a great cappuccino taste.
- Intensity 10 | Bold Coffee Flavour.
- 10 café inspired coffee sachets made by Moccona, perfect for your me-time any time of day.
- Gluten Free | 97% Sugar Free | 98% Fat Free | 53 calories per serve.
- 100% Recyclable Box.
- Store in a cool dry place.
- Preparation Instructions:
1. Empty contents of sachet into your favourite cup
2. Begin to stir as you pour in 150ML of hot, but not boiling water
3. Stir briskly for 20 seconds. Sip, Savour & Enjoy
4. Add a splash of milk for a more indulgent experience

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