William Waiirua – the face of our new responsible drinking campaign

William Waiirua – known for his signature dance moves, unique persona and sunglasses – is the new face of a nationwide responsible drinking campaign that encourages New Zealanders to eat while drinking alcohol.

PAK'nSAVE has joined with Cheers NZ and William Waiirua to change everyone’s mind about that old saying that ‘eating’s cheating’. We have a new message for New Zealanders; to ‘Always Graze When You Liaise’.

The face of our campaign is former youth worker turned social media phenomenon William Waiirua

William says “The ‘Always Graze When You Liaise’ campaign fits my goal of working on socially responsible and impactful, campaigns, projects and messages. It’s not about me telling you with whom, how often, how much, with what and where you liaise, it is about giving people ideas on how you can Always Graze When You Liaise.”

Matt Claridge from Cheers NZ says, “It’s no longer cool to encourage unsocial drinking habits, like not eating. Our goal is to change the way Kiwis approach drinking alcohol to ensure good habits like eating, keeping hydrated, pacing yourself, knowing what a standard drink looks like and planning your night to get home safely are formed early. Food goes with alcohol – it’s a logical and responsible combination – and needs to be front of mind when people are planning for a social occasion.”

Keep an eye out here for William’s hilarious videos here!