Save even more money and time when you shop at PAK'nSAVE! Simply apply for a SHOP'nGO card for faster checkout and more control over your budget.


As you enter the store, swipe your SHOP'nGO card to get a hand-held barcode scanner.

While shopping, scan the barcodes on all products you're buying. The scanner keeps a running total. You can change your mind about a purchase, just scan it out and it is instantly taken off your total.

Simply pay for your groceries and you're away.

Advantages of SHOP'nGO

Shop faster

By shopping and scanning as you go, you'll spend less time waiting at checkout.

Budget as you go

The scanner shows the price of each item as you scan it. Plus you can see a running total of all items you've scanned in.

Simple and convenient

SHOP'nGO offers you a quick and convenient way to do your shopping. Just pick up a hand held scanner from the SHOP'nGO station and scan your groceries as you shop.

Control over your shopping budget

The scanner gives you a running total of your purchases. You can even change your mind and remove items from your scanned list. This way SHOP'nGO helps you budget.

Gain special offers

From time to time you may receive special offers as a SHOP'nGO shopper.

Checkout quickly

When you have finished shopping, go to any of  our SHOP'nGO activated  self scan checkouts, pay for your groceries, and you are straight out.

Applying for SHOP'nGO

  • If you want to know more, just pop by the information desk in the store.
  • Approved applications take between 14-21 days for cards to be posted.
  • Once you receive your card and had your training you are ready to start shopping! 

Please note cards will not be activated until training has been completed.


A re-scan is where you'll have to go through the normal process of checking out after self-scanning everything yourself

Why do we have re-scans?

SHOP'nGO is an honesty system and therefore periodic checks are required to ensure that customers are honest and do not undercharge nor overcharge themselves. Please do not take this personally, less than 1% are intentionally dishonest.