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At PAK’nSAVE we’re always looking for ways to make your shop even more savey which is why we’ve introduced SHOP’nGO*. Available just for Sticky Club members, SHOP’nGO saves you both time and money as you can scan and pack your groceries as you shop, while tracking your spend as you go for easier budgeting.  At the checkout, there’s no need to unpack your groceries again, simply pay at a SHOP’nGO checkout and you’re away!


How does SHOP'nGO work?

Try SHOP'nGO for a faster checkout and smarter budgeting.

1. As you enter the store, swipe your SHOP'nGO card to get a hand-held barcode scanner.

2. While shopping, scan the barcodes on all products you're buying. The scanner keeps a running total. You can change your mind about a purchase, just scan it out and it is instantly taken off your total.

3. Simply pay for your groceries and you're away.

How do I apply for SHOP'nGO?

Apply at the information desk at your nearest PAK'SAVE.

Approved applications take between 14-21 days for cards to be posted. Once you receive your card and had your training you are ready to start shopping! Please note cards will not be activated until training has been completed.


Advantages of SHOP'nGO

Shop faster

By shopping and scanning as you go, you'll spend less time waiting at checkout.

Budget as you go

The scanner shows the price of each item as you scan it. Plus you can see a running total of all items you've scanned in.

Simple and convenient

SHOP'nGO offers you a quick and convenient way to do your shopping. Just pick up a hand held scanner from the SHOP'nGO station and scan your groceries as you shop.

Control over your shopping budget

The scanner gives you a running total of your purchases. You can even change your mind and remove items from your scanned list. This way SHOP'nGO helps you budget.

Gain special offers

From time to time you may receive special offers as a SHOP'nGO shopper.

Checkout quickly

When you have finished shopping, go to any of  our SHOP'nGO activated  self scan checkouts, pay for your groceries, and you are straight out.


*SHOP'nGO is exclusive to PAKnSAVE stores in the Wellington, Wairarapa, Taranaki, Manawatu, Whanganui and Hawkes Bay regions.


Terms and conditions

  • Read terms and conditions


    A re-scan is where you'll have to go through the normal process of checking out after self-scanning everything yourself. Why do we have re-scans? SHOP'nGO is an honesty system and therefore periodic checks are required to ensure that customers are honest and do not undercharge nor overcharge themselves.

    1. SHOP'N GO™ and the PAK'nSAVE Customer Card is available to persons 18 years of age and over who agree to abide by these conditions and use SHOP'N GO™in accordance with instructions. Proof of I.D. will be required at registration. Trade organisations will not be accepted as SHOP'N GO™customers or as holders of the PAK'nSAVE Customer Card.
    2. Sale of alcohol may be restricted on days or periods of a day and to restricted age groups by Government legislation. Any customer who attempts to purchase on a restricted day of time or who falls within the restricted age group will not be able to purchase any alcohol product through the SHOP'N GOTM hand held scanner reader process.
    3. Each SHOP'N GO™ customer may only use the personal SHOP'N GO card they were issued at time of registration. PAK'nSAVE reserves the right to decline a customer application to use SHOP'N GO™, or withdraw the facility at the discretion of PAK'nSAVE at any time without being required to provide any reason.
    4. SHOP'N GO™ can be used only by registered users nominated at the time of sign up and allocated to the unique home store and customer number detailed on the SHOP'N GO™ barcode. Customer Card membership cannot be transferred.
    5. Your SHOP'N GO™ Customer card can be used at any PAK'nSAVE store in the Lower North Island which has self-scanning facilities. Your personal details will be held and used only by the store where you registered (your Home Store). Should a customer wish to transfer their personal details to another store, they are required to complete a form to transfer to the new store.
    6. The SHOP'N GO™ Customer card remains the property of PAK'nSAVE and is no a credit or cheque guarantee card (unless otherwise applied for and identified). PAK'nSAVE reserves the right to cancel or retain the card at any time. If your card is lost or stolen please call 0800 47 76 76 of tell staff at the SHOP'N GO customer service centre. A fee may be incurred for replacement of lost cards.
    7. It is the customer's responsibility to present all items selected for payment, either as part of the SHOP'N GO™total or presented individually to the cashier as a problem or non-scan item. If there appears to be a deliberate attempt to defraud PAK'nSAVE through abuse or the SHOP'N GO™service, the police will be contacted and prosecution may follow.
    8. SHOP'N GO™ self scanning purchases will be checked occasionally upon the basis of random selection. PAK'nSAVE reserve the right to rescan the entire basket or trolley. In the instance of there being a difference between the customer's scan and the checkout scan, and difference will be added to or subtracted from the total. Customers are asked to sign acknowledging their agreement to PAK'nSAVE rescan policy and these terms and conditions.
    9. Customers have the option at any time to request all their shopping be completely re scanned.
    10. SHOP'N GO™ self scanning customers are to make payment using either cash, EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard credit cards, DSW vouchers or PAK'nSAVE Gift Vouchers.
    11. The PAK'nSAVE Customer Card validity will be at the discretion of PAK'nSAVE. As the expiry date draws near, PAK'nSAVE will forward a new card to customers.
    12. PAK'nSAVE reserves the right to provide customers promotional offers either directly or indirectly at any time. Such offers will be only made from the home store(sign up store). Although the PAK'NSAVE Customer card provides access to SHOP'N GO™at all PAK'nSAVE stores providing these services, the unique promotional offers only apply to the customers home store.
    13. PAK'nSAVE reserves the right to alter shelf pricing in accordance with industry guidelines.
    14. Information provided by the customer for self and other cardholders with this application form and subsequently accumulated from sales data will be used for promotional and marketing purposes exclusively for and by PAK'nSAVE. The customer acknowledges that such information may be supplied to third parties only for processing to enable PAK'nSAVE to provide the customer and other card holders with promotional opportunities

    This PAK'nSAVE Customer Card information applies only to PAK'nSAVE stores within the lower North Island i.e. Wellington, Wairarapa, Taranaki, Manawatu, Wanganui and Hawkes Bay regions.