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Save BIG on fuel at PAK'nSAVE

Save 6c per litre on fuel

Beep Beep! Save money on fuel simply by shopping at PAK’nSAVE
When you shop at PAK’nSAVE you’ll receive fuel discounts that you can redeem the next time you fill up! Depending on what store you have shopped at this may be a PAK’nSAVE Fuel Voucher or a Z Fuelup voucher. 

What kind of fuel voucher do you have?


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On-site fuel

Get LOW LOW Fuel prices everyday with PAK’nSAVE fuel vouchers. PAK’nSAVE Fuel vouchers are only redeemable at the issuing store's fuel site.

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Z service station and Fuel up

Fuelup Voucher

PAK’nSAVE stores that do not have an onsite Fuel facility will issue a Fuelup voucher.

This can be used at any Z nationwide or participating service stations.

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