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How can we help? 

Got a question? Find out the answer below with our frequently asked questions!

Catering and gifts 

Christmas Club

  • What is Christmas Club and how do I join?  
    The PAK'nSAVE Christmas Club makes it easy to put a little away throughout the year so you can make a big difference to your Christmas spend – think of it as a piggy bank! At the end of the year, you can break that piggy bank open and choose whatever you like in store, so you and your family get everything you want for a very merry Christmas! Go here to find out more
  • How do I update my Christmas Club details?  

Fuel offers

  • About Fuelup
    A Fuelup voucher is earned with a qualifying purchase at PAK’nSAVE. Participating store receipts will have the Fuelup voucher attached. You can redeem Fuelup vouchers at all Z service stations, or the on-site fuel station at the supermarket where you earned the voucher. Go to for more details and the latest fuel offers. 
  • Do I get fuel discounts for shopping online?

    Yes, you will receive a fuel voucher with your order. This voucher will be printed on your packing slip (which you receive with your order) and on your invoice (which is emailed to you). 

    The fuel voucher value will be determined on the day your order is placed or edited, not the day that the order is collected (or delivered). It can be used only used once and the expiry date will be printed on the voucher.

  • Which stores have on-site fuel pumps? 

    For your convenience, some of our store has fuel pumps located on-site. When you have been through the checkout, you'll receive a voucher attached to your till receipt, telling you how much you'll save on every litre of fuel. Simply take this voucher to the pumps, enter the code printed on the voucher and you'll instantly receive the savings on your fuel bill... it's that easy! See a list of participating supermarkets here.

PAK'nSAVE gift cards

  • Where can I buy Gift Cards? 

    You can buy a gift card in-store. Gift cards are not currently available to buy online. Find out more about PAK'nSAVE Gift Cards here.

  • How do I check my gift card balance? 
    You can check your current gift card balance at
  • Can I use my gift card at the store’s fuel station? 
    No. We currently don't offer this service, you will need to use your Gift Card for purchase's in-store. 

Health and safety 

  • What is a health and safety issue? 
    We take all health and safety issues very seriously. We want to know about anything that may affect people’s safety and well-being in and around the store, including hazards, injuries, or issues with the products we sell.  If you spot anything that concerns you in or around the store, we suggest you notify a staff member in store immediately. 
  • How do stores address health and safety issues? 
    We have a Foodstuffs team that will take appropriate action and liaise with stores to address anything that may occur. To find out more about this you can pop in to your local store and ask at the customer service desk or contact the store through this contact form

Jobs and careers

  • How do I apply for a job at my local store?
    For vacant positions at you a PAK’nSAVE near you, go online to our careers website or pick up an application from the customer service desk in-store.
  • How can I see job vacancies?
    You can find current job vacancies for PAK’nSAVE stores, plus support centre and supply chain roles around New Zealand here

Lost trolley 

  • Found a lost PAK’nSAVE trolley?
    We want to make the shopping experience as convenient as possible for our customers by providing enough shopping trolleys for use. Like you, we also hate to see our city's streets untidy! We work closely with local councils and the community to manage our trolleys; but we need your help to return used trolleys and report abandoned trolleys so we can collect them.

    If you spot a trolley that has been abandoned, we'd appreciate it if you could use this contact form to let us know.

    In your message, please include the location of the trolley, e.g. "corner of main street and high street" or "outside 3 Jones Drive" and the name of the nearest PAK’nSAVE store, and we will collect it.  

Online shopping 

  • Is online shopping available at my store?
    Click & Collect is now widely available across the North Island. Shop online and swing past your local PAK’nSAVE store to collect your groceries. Go to for more information. 


  • I have a problem with a product I have purchased, what can I do?  
    You can either speak to a staff member at the store you purchased the item from or let us know the details through this contact form for our in-store team to look into this further. 
  • I'm looking for a particular item, does my local store stock it?
    Products and availability vary from store to store so get in touch with your local store through this contact form or directly by asking in-store.
  • How do I make a product suggestion for my local store?
    Submit your suggestion through this contact form and make sure you select your store.
  • How do I place an order for my local store?
    Many stores offer catering and gifts like platters, hampers and more. Check out the store page for an order form or contact the store directly.

Promotions and Deals

Scam alert

  • I received a message that I suspect is a scam, what do I do?
    From time to time we receive reports that PAK’nSAVE customers are being targeted by online scams in the form of display ads, pop-up ads and emails. Check here to see the latest scams and contact us if you receive something suspicious.


  • What is SHOP'nGO?
    SHOP'nGO lets you check out faster checkout and budget smarter. As you enter the store, swipe your SHOP'nGO card to get a hand-held barcode scanner. The scanner gives you a running total of your purchases. You can even change your mind and remove items from your scanned list. 
  • How do apply for SHOP'nGO?

    Depends on where in New Zealand you are! Find out more information here.

Sponsorship and fundraising

  • How do I apply for sponsorship?
    PAK’nSAVE stores are all locally owned and operated and so there's a true commitment to supporting the communities in which we operate. If you are a local community group wanting to make a sponsorship and donation requests, please contact your local store directly. Use this form and select your store, or go to the store details page to find their contact details.
  • What charities does PAK’nSAVE support?

    Stores across the country partner with the Stroke Foundation to conduct the biggest ever simultaneous blood pressure check. Food for Thought is our nutrition-education initiative that allows local primary school children to further their understanding in nutrition. Find out more here.

  • How do I organise to set up a fundraising stall outside my local store?
    Get in touch with your local PAK’nSAVE by phone or ask at the customer service desk in-store.

Sticky Club

  • When is Sticky Club coming to the North Island? 
    We’re always looking at ways that we can save you money, so are investigating bringing Sticky Club to the North Island too.  
  • I’ve still got more questions! 
    Then head to the Sticky Club website here!

Store experience

  • I’d like to give feedback about a store I visited, what do I do?
    If you’d like to leave a compliment or let us know about a bad experience, speak to someone in-store or let us know the details for our in-store team to look into this further.
Still want to contact us? Go here to send us a message